Asset tracking alerts

Say goodbye to missed maintenance schedules and forgotten warranty end dates. Set up a custom asset management alert system directly in a Lido spreadsheet.

Automate every part of the asset lifecycle

Create custom asset tracking alerts directly from a spreadsheet, without learning a new tool.
Asset warranty end date
Maintenance contract end date
Check out due date
Purchase order approvals
Asset reservations

How it works

Lido's =SENDGMAIL() formula allows you to send emails directly from a spreadsheet. Combine it with existing spreadsheet formulas like =IF() and =TODAY() to trigger emails automatically on certain dates or status changes.

Infinite customization, zero code

Tired of software that's difficult to configure and doesn't meet your needs? Leverage your existing spreadsheet skills to build the exact asset tracking alert system that you need in Lido.

Personalized messages

Customize emails by referencing spreadsheet column names and turning them into dynamic variables for each asset.

Flexible logic

Easily set up email send dates by subtracting X days from your deadline. Create multiple columns to send emails on different days.

Adaptable recipients

Send reminders to yourself, your team, or your customers. Changing the email recipient is as simple as clicking on a different cell.

Get started in less than 10 minutes

Don't believe us? Watch Eric build a working asset tracking alert tool from scratch in six minutes.

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Frequently asked questions


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