Turn your spreadsheet
into software in minutes.

Build custom dashboards and internal apps using only basic spreadsheet skills.

Get all your systems to
finally talk to each other

Connect & gather all your data

Connect your database (SQL), CRM, marketing, and analytics tools to a spreadsheet.

Transform data
with spreadsheet functions

Filter, sort, pivot, and join  across multiple sources without SQL.

Publish data to dashboards,
SaaS products, and databases

Create dashboards, visualizations, & apps

Drag and drop components to easily build and share dashboards with your entire team.

Update databases
and SaaS products

Write transformed data directly from your spreadsheet into your database or apps like Salesforce and Stripe.

Start with a template


Track campaign performance across paid and organic channels

Integrates with
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Show core business metrics and KPIs

Integrates with
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Understand real-time revenue and costs

Integrates with
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Track conversion by acquisition channel

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