Twitter Ads

Twitter Ads

Instantly connect Twitter Ads data to analyze in a spreadsheet, create reports, and build dashboards. Integrate with other ad platforms, like Google Ads and Facebook Ads, to derive better insights.

Get data fast without code.

Access your data when you need it, where you need it. No more engineering backlogs.

Lido is an all-in-one platform where you can gather data from multiple sources, work with it in a spreadsheet, and create custom reports, dashboards, and apps on top of your sheet.

Twitter data made easy.

Quickly build a Twitter Ads dashboard to track impressions, CTR, and conversion.

Better understand your social media and advertising performance with the Lido-Twitter Ads integration. Analyze your campaigns, build dashboards to track progress, and share with your colleagues to follow along. Lido gives business professionals the power to integrate Twitter Ads with their everyday software tools, making actions like data syncing, app creation, and workflow management simpler.

Supercharge by combining with...

Save time by having your Twitter data alongside other paid advertising data in one place.

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Google Ads
Google Analytics
Instagram Ads
Microsoft Ads
LinkedIn Marketing
Useful dashboard templates

Create these reports and dashboards in an instant:

Social Media Engagement Tracker Template
Social Media Engagement Tracker Template
Social Media Growth Tracker Template
Social Media Growth Tracker Template
Social Media Audit Spreadsheet
Social Media Audit Spreadsheet

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