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Strategic Planning Dashboard

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What is a Strategic Planning Dashboard?

A strategic planning dashboard is a tool used by business managers to track long-term goals and action items across an entire organization in one centralized location.

Why should you use a Strategic Plan Dashboard?

  1. Highlight how close your business is to achieving it’s goals - Visualize through KPIs if your business is on-track for reaching the goals you set.
  2. Identifies areas of your business that underperform - Can alert you to areas that are  lagging behind your goals so you can make adjustments ASAP
  3. Gain a bird's-eye view of your business - see the performance of your business visualized in real-time
  4. Saves time whenever you need data - data is crucial in assessing the performance of your business. A dashboard gives you access to aggregated data at the click of a button.
  5. Helps decision-making - Helps companies visualize their real time data so they can draw key insights and make useful decisions

What should you include in a Strategic Dashboard?

The KPIs to include depend on the goals you have set. Here are some of the most important KPIs that are often included:

Conversion rate: percentage of users who take a desired action

Lifetime value: the total amount of money a customer is expected to spend on your products during their lifetime

Revenue: how much you earn for a given time period

Sell-through rate: compares the inventory that enters your store and the inventory that you sell within a period of time

Engagement rate: tracks how actively your audience is involved with your content

Return on ad spend: total revenue generated by ads

Audience growth rate: rate of growth of your audience in your social media channels

Impressions: how often your ad is shown

Reach: the number of different users exposed to a particular ad during a specified period of time

How to set up your Strategy Dashboard with Lido

It is easy to create a dashboard using Lido. Here are the steps:

Step 1: Create Lido Account

Sign up through either Google authorization or by specifying a username and a password.

Step 2: Connect data sources to Lido

Click Data on the upper-left corner of Lido to select the source.

Follow the instructions on entering access info and selecting the data columns to import in the Dataset Editor. Once you have finished selecting your data, click Save dataset & edit view in the top right corner.  The data is now loaded to your Lido spreadsheet.

Step 3: Set up a dashboard

Set up the formulas for the KPIs you want to include. The functions in Lido are similar to Google Sheets, so you can check our existing tutorials while setting up the KPI formulas.

Click the Dashboard on the top of the Lido spreadsheet, then click the Components tab on the right side. Drag-and-drop components and add data to them. 

Once you have finished constructing your dashboard, click Preview on the upper-right corner to see how it will look once deployed. 

If you are satisfied, click Share to share it with others!

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  • Import Data from Multiple Platforms
  • One Click Data Import
  • Visualize Major Bussiness KPIs
  • Share & Embed Dashboards
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