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SEO Reports Dashboard

Use our FREE white label SEO reports dashboard tool to automate client reporting in a few clicks. Enter you email below to get set up in under 5 minutes!

  • One Click Data Imports from Ahrefs, Semrush & More
  • Automated White Label Reporting
  • Share Real-Time Dashboards with Clients
  • Pre-Built & Custom Templates
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Lido dashboard

What is an SEO Reports Dashboard?

An SEO reports dashboard allows companies and freelancers to completely automate SEO reporting by sharing real-time dashboards with their clients so they can stay up to date on campaign performance.

Why you Need our FREE SEO Reports Dashboard

Made for SEOs: We worked with the world's top SEOs to create a modern product from the ground up. This addresses every major pain point they highlighted and completely automates reporting workflows.

Complete White Label Solution: Add your company information and logo in just a few clicks. No Lido branding or links are included in the reports.

Import Data from Anywhere: Connect to all of the major SEO tools and advertising platforms like AHREFS, Majestic, Semrush, Surfer SEO, Google Analytics, Search Console, facebook ads and more and centralize all of your data in a single location. Want us to add an integration? Send us an email and our team of expert developers will add it for you for free.

Visualize Campaign Metrics with a Dashboard: Once you have imported all of your data to Lido via our one click API integrations, you can group and output data in a dashboard so your team or clients can see exactly what is happening in real-time.

Never Manually Send a Report Again: You only need to import your data once, after that it will update in real-time. Set up automated flows for how frequently you want to send clients reports or give them a link to their customized seo dashboard and let them check as often as they want. No more annoying client emails!

Automate Repetitive Tasks with Ease: With Lido it's easy to automate repetitive tasks with our drag and drop automation builder. Save hours from your day without the need for expensive developers or software.

Pre-Built and Custom Templates: We have created SEO templates in collaboration with some of the world's biggest SEO agencies. Just enter your details and you can use the exact templates they have spent years perfecting.

PDF, Spreadsheet, Email and Dashboard Views: No matter how you want to give reports to your clients, Lido has you covered. Add your company logo and information with ease.

5 Minute Set Up: Tracking performance has never been so easy. Sign up, import all your data and visualize KPIs for all of your company departments in minutes!

Two Simple Steps to Setting up a Dashboard

After creating an account in Lido, you are now only two steps away from seeing your real-time data:

Step 1: Connect data sources to Lido

Click Data on the upper-left corner of Lido to select the source.

Follow the instructions on entering access info and selecting the data columns to import in the Dataset Editor. Once you have finished selecting your data, click Save dataset & edit view in the top right corner.  The data is now loaded to your Lido spreadsheet.

Step 2: Set up the report dashboard

First set up the formulas for the KPIs you include. Lido functions are similar to that of Google Sheets, so you can apply to Lido what you have learned in our tutorials. 

After loading the data, click the Dashboard on the top of the Lido spreadsheet, then click the Components tab on the right side. Drag-and-drop components and add data to them. 

Once you have finished constructing your data, click Preview on the upper-right corner to see how it will look once deployed. 

If you are happy, click Share to share your report with others!

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  • One Click Data Imports from Ahrefs, Semrush & More
  • Automated White Label Reporting
  • Share Real-Time Dashboards with Clients
  • Pre-Built & Custom Templates
100% FREE - No Credit Card Required