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Lido dashboard

What is a Project Dashboard?

A project dashboard is a tool that allows project managers to track all of the metrics for their company's active projects in one single location.

Why you Need our FREE Project Management Tracker

Designed for Project Managers: We interviewed project managers from the world's top companies to build a project management software from the ground up. The result is the world's most cutting edge tool for project managers. Try our project tracker for free and see why companies around the world are switching to Lido.

Import Data from Anywhere: Our project management software connects to all of the world most popular tools used by project managers. In just a few clicks you can aggregate all of your data in a single location. Need an integration we don't have? Our team of expert software developers will add it for you.

Pre-Built and Custom Templates: We have created spreadsheets for project managers from the world's biggest companies. Sign up and you can immediately use the same templates used by fortune 500 companies. Want to create a custom template or modify an existing template? In just a few clicks you can create a custom solution.

5 Minute Set Up: Project management has never been so easy. Sign up, pull in all your data from a single location and you can track all of the most important KPIs for your projects in minutes!

Automate Workflows & Reporting: Stop repeating the same tasks daily, with Lido you can set up powerful workflow automations with our simple drag and drop interface.

Visualize KPIs with Customized Dashboards: With Lido you can easily visualize your aggregated data with dashboards so you only track the project key performance indicators that truly matter. Embed dashboards, share them with team members or clients or display them on a screen at the office so the entire product team stays on track.

What should you include in a Multi Project Dashboard?

KPIs vary widely depending on your industry and project type. With a dashboard it’s easy to set up your own unique KPIs and easily track them. Below are some example KPIs.

Budget and resource information: budget allocation, budget used and remaining budget, equipment resources

Manpower: people assigned for the tasks and their performance

Project progress: tasks accomplished and tasks yet to be completed, deliverables and output

Risk management: expected and unexpected costs, potential and recorded hazards

Schedule information: timeline for major and minor tasks, tracking whether the project is on time or lagging

2 Simple Steps to Creating a Project Tracking Dashboard

After creating an account in Lido, you need to do two steps to create a dashboard:

Step 1: Connect data sources to Lido

Lido specializes in making it easy to import data from multiple platforms such as Firebase, Google Analytics, Salesforce, and MySQL and more. Don't see an integration you want? Contact us and we will add it. This makes it easy to pull in all of your data for your projects in just a few clicks and manage it in a centralized location.

Click Data on the upper-left corner of Lido to select the source.

Follow the instructions on entering access info and selecting the data columns to import in the Dataset Editor. Once you have finished selecting your data, click Save dataset & edit view in the top right corner.  The data is now loaded to your Lido spreadsheet.

Step 2: Create your dashboard

Set up the KPI formulas for each project. Lido functions are similar to that of Google Sheets, so you can apply to Lido what you have learned in our tutorials. 

After loading the data, click the Dashboard on the top of the Lido spreadsheet, then click the Components tab on the right side. Drag-and-drop components and add data to them. 

Once you have finished constructing your report, click Preview on the upper-right corner to see how it will look once deployed. 

Click Share to share your dashboard with your team or clients.

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  • Track Multiple Projects in a Single Location
  • One Click Data Imports from Popular Platforms
  • Pre-Built and Custom Templates
  • Dashboard, Spreadsheet, Gantt, or Calendar View
100% FREE - No Credit Card Required