Tired of waiting on engineers for everything?

Access your business data directly and build custom reports, dashboards, and apps in minutes — without a line of code.


Bring all your data together.

Say goodbye to repetitive manual imports, exports, and stale data.

Work with all of your data seamlessly and in real-time, whether it lives in a database, SaaS product, or custom API.

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Join, Lookup, Group. Analyze.

The power of SQL meets the flexibility of spreadsheet functions.

Filter, sort, group, and join data from multiple sources in a visual interface — no SQL knowledge required.


Bring your data to life with custom apps.

Tired of ugly charts, static dashboards, and other people #REF’ing everything out?

Now you can wrangle data and build out logic in a spreadsheet, but share and collaborate with others in beautiful web apps.

Do more in a spreadsheet.

Make dashboards interactive

Add sliders, inputs, and forms. Ask “why?” and “what if” and get answers in real time.

Beautiful visualizations, no hassle.

No more ugly charts. Our professionally designed visualizations have been built to look good together out of the box.


Share your dashboards and apps as standalone, mobile-optimized web pages with one-click.

Take action

Push data back to your apps. Add buttons that call internal APIs, and set up custom alerts.

Get started with Lido.

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